McDonald’s Nutrition: New Menu Offers Healthy Lifestyle Choices

McDonald’s Nutrition: New Menu Offers Healthy Lifestyle Choices

With more and more people living a healthier lifestyle the McDonald’s nutrition menu now offers healthier choices for you to pick from. Some of the major changes they have made over the past couple years is adding a variety of garden salads, yogurts with granola in fresh fruits. They have also gone on to change the type of oils they use in the deep fryers and change their grade of beef to that which has a lower fat content.

All of this is to attract the new healthier lifestyle consumer who possibly is never even eaten at a McDonald’s restaurant before. You no longer have to feel bad about venturing into a fast food restaurant because with a healthier food choices you can leave feeling good about yourself for eating one of the healthy salads.

On the side of the wall usually adjacent to the cash registers you will see a nutrition placard which lists all of the nutritional values of every item on the menu. You be able to see the total calories and grams of fat, carbohydrates and fat in each of the food choices. This is a good tool to use to assist you in picking the proper menu item for your dietary needs.

All of their French fries, onion rings and apple pies I now deep-fried in oil which has a dramatically reduced trans fat content. This translates in a healthier you by eating this as the oil actually promotes healthy organs inside of you.

All of these changes allow you to teach your children great lessons in eating because you can let them know that they can now eat at their favorite fast food restaurants but still enjoy a healthy menu. Again, no longer do you have to be worried about eating at a fast food burger joint in getting a bad name for yourself as a parent who feed their child fat laden food. Now you can feed your children salads and yogurt and still allow them to play around on the fantastic inside playground that they’ll enjoy.

Think about the great family times you can have with your spouse and children while eating a healthy meal and watching your children swimming around in the colorful plastic balls, swinging on the place that and sliding down the swooping sliding board. These are great times that your children will remember for their whole life not to mention the great nutritional advice you past the long which will not only let them know what is the best thing to eat but also prolong their life by living a healthier lifestyle.

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