The Importance of Choosing Healthy Cookware in Your Pursuit of Health

The Importance of Choosing Healthy Cookware in Your Pursuit of Health

While some think healthy eating is limited to the choice of ingredients and the types of food we eat. More and more people are coming to realize the importance of using the right cooking vessel to prepare food. There are three main reasons why the cook ware you use is of the utmost importance when it comes to eating truly healthy food.

Healthy cookware. Sounds simple enough, many believe it's cookware that is non-stick so no butter or oil is needed, some believe that metal pots such as iron, stainless steel or copper are a better option because they have no coatings. Tempered glass is another option but is not as versatile as metal or ceramic.

When one thinks of healthy food what comes to mind? Fresh, vitamin and nutrient rich foods such as produce, whole grains, dairy etc. What would you think if you found out you lose nearly half of all those important components when you cook? Truth is you probably are. By cooking using conventional cookware like metals and ceramic ware the very harsh heat along with cooking your food also destroys the foods delicate nutrients. Using healthy cookware such as ones made of all natural material such as pure-clay, will help keep your food as close to its natural nutritious state. How is this possible? Pure clay, unlike metal cooks with a unique form of heat called far infrared heat, this heat is much gentler and penetrates deeper into food without damaging the nutritional cells. This allows the vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants to stay intact and also allows spices and seasonings to permeate deeper into the food making food more flavorful. Also, conventional cookware leach many different chemicals and metals into your food because they are highly reactive. With cookware made from pure and tested clay since it is 100% inert there is no fear of leaching.

Pure clay cookware also retains and maintains the heat, unlike metals that heat and cool at the same time when they cook. Due to this it is not necessary to cook foods on high heat because clay can hold all the heat given to it from the beginning of the cooking process.

So, in your pursuit of health keep in mind as much as it is important to choose the right ingredients the cooking pot is just as important because only truly 'healthy cookware' can lock the foods nutrients inside, don't leach their own ingredients in the food. And keeps moisture and steam inside and as a result give you the most delicious and nutritious food.

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