The Key to a Long and Healthy Lifestyle

The Key to a Long and Healthy Lifestyle

It’s very easy to give you the keys on living a long and healthy life. In fact, you may already know what the answers are. These are the basic fundamentals on living a healthy life:

Eat the Right Food

When we say right food, we are talking about those healthy foods like organic fruits and vegetables. I’m not saying that you would have to be a vegetarian just to live longer. What I’m saying here is don’t eat too much of those unhealthy junk foods. The key here is to eat in moderation. You may not know that there are known five absolute worst foods you can eat. Those foods that is high in Trans fats and lots of toxins. The five worst foods are doughnuts, soda, fried non-fish sea foods, French fries, and chips. Doughnuts actually contain trans fats, almost all of the varieties, and can actually give you 200 to 300 calories, mostly from sugar. Soda is loaded with artificial colors and sulphites which can harm your body; one can of soda has about 10 teaspoons of sugar which contain about 150 calories. Diet varieties are loaded with aspartame, a known artificial sweetener that can cause cancer. Fried non-fish seafood like shrimps and clams are loaded with toxic mercury and trans fats. French fries is well known to be loaded with trans fats. Chips are also high in trans fats.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can help you lose weight, improve your resistance to fight infections, lower your risk of having cancer other diseases, it can also help your brain work better and can make you smarter. When you exercise, it helps your body to work and helps in improving your blood circulation. If you are overweight, don’t push too hard with the exercise, you can start by walking. And then increase the intensity of your exercise routine so you’ll get used to it. The trick here is being consistent with your exercise. Discipline yourself and don’t be too lazy, once you’ve discipline yourself, it’ll become a routine and you’ll be happy because you have done what you have to do. You will feel proud of yourself because you can see that you are improving with your life.

Drink a Lot of Water

Human body is mostly water; this fact is one of those reasons why ongoing intake of water is essential for the body to function. It’s been said many times that one person should drink at least eight-ounce glasses of water per day but did you know that you need more water than that? According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, the rule of thumb is, for every 50 pounds of body weight you carry, drink one quart of bottle spring or filtered water per day.

Social Ties and Having Good Friends on your Side

Staying healthy and living longer is not simply a matter of eating fruits, vegetables, exercising, drinking lots of water, or getting good medical care. Good friends can also help you live longer and have a healthy lifestyle.

Harvard researchers investigated the effect of social ties, death and heart disease, in a 10-year follow-up study of nearly 30,000 male health professionals. Roughly half of the men reported belonging to large social networks that included a spouse, a large number of friends or relatives, and/or community group involvement.

Men who were more socially isolated, however, were nearly 20% more likely to die from any cause than their more socially integrated peers, the investigators found. Socially isolated men were also 53% more likely to die from a heart-related cause than those who reported the highest number of social ties. Further, those with a moderately low number of social connections had a more than twofold greater risk of death from accidents and suicides than did their peers with the most social ties.

Social isolation is a ‘risk factor’ for ill health that deserves as much attention as other risk factors for cardiovascular disease and other ailments.

Source by M. Joi Cahilig Hernaez

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